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EzySuite® Enterprise pricing

How much does EzySuite Enterprise cost?


EzySuite Enterprise is comprised of the following comprehensive set of standard applications and functional areas that deliver a true 'XRM' solution:



EzySuite Enterprise is only AUD 57 (where AUD = Australian Dollars) per Named User per month, with a minimum of 5 Named Users.


This pricing generally compares very favourably with competitors because EzySuite's aim is to provide a comprehensive suite of applications for a single, predictable, low monthly fee.  Some companies may appear to charge lower fees but many charge premiums for specific applications, or for activities such as reporting or the running of large-scale email marketing campaigns. 


The leading-edge 'XRM' features of EzySuite that enable you to properly manage relationships not only with Customers, but also with Suppliers, Business Partners, Employees, and other key groups, are particularly unusual at this low price point. 


EzySuite Enterprise is hosted in Australia using World Class, dedicated infrastructure that is managed by IBM.  As a result, the system response times for EzySuite users are generally significantly better than those of competitors, wherever those users are located.



For guidance on how to compare EzySuite with its competitors, please click here.


What is the cost of optional Enterprise email?


Highly functional EzySuite Communicator Enterprise email is available as an optional add-on to EzySuite Enterprise for only AUD 4 per email account per month. 


Each email account can store up to 25 GB and EzySuite Communicator also provides the benefit of shared calendars, comprehensive spam filtering and virus scanning. 


EzySuite Communicator integrates tightly with EzySuite Enterprise, so that important emails can be stored in the XRM system where they are automatically analysed and linked to relevant contacts.  Each EzySuite Communicator user can store up to 500 MB of integrated email and documents in their corresponding EzySuite Enterprise user account at no additional charge. 


EzySuite Communicator can easily be accessed via computers, tablets and smartphones using the industry-standard 'IMAP' protocol.  Access can be via a broad range of email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird and Mail or via a highly-functional WebMail client that can easily be accessed with any popular Web browser.


Many advanced features including email aliases, email groups, sub-domains, whitelists and blacklists are all provided at no additional charge.


EzySuite Communicator is delivered in partnership with Rackspace, one of the largest and most respected specialist email service providers in the world.



For further information on EzySuite Enterprise or to request a demonstration, please contact us using the details shown below.


NB  Please be aware that prices exclude GST, are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change.


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