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EzySuite® Enterprise overview

What is EzySuite Enterprise and what can it do for me? 


EzySuite Enterprise delivers integrated XRM + Content Management + Business Intelligence + optional enterprise email at breakthrough pricing.  With EzySuite you can:


  •   Make better decisions through a Single, real-time view of each contact

  •   Increase revenues by being able to build and track a pipeline of sales opportunities

  •   Improve marketing with targeted events, mailouts, email broadcasts and SMS broadcasts

  •   Enhance customer service by ensuring requests and complaints are properly dealt with

  •   Easily retrieve and update files, documents and emails from a central library

  •   Easily build customised reports for automatic delivery to relevant recipients

  •   Provide fully integrated email that’s automatically linked to relevant contacts

  •   Improve corporate governance through increased security and Records Management

What makes EzySuite Enterprise different?


EzySuite Enterprise is browser-based, so authorised users can access it from almost anywhere. Customisable XRM ‘categories’ enable you to manage relationships with Customers, Clients, Citizens, Prospects, Business Partners, Suppliers, Employees and other key groups at no additional cost.  Applications share a familiar Windows style interface that’s surprisingly easy to use.  Each application reflects the ‘role’ of each user which enables greater focus on the task in hand and increases security.  EzySuite Enterprise delivers the following integrated applications:

  • Bring information in to a real time ‘Single view’

  • Produce easily customised reports

  • Understand and leverage relationships

  • Manage Opportunities, bids & value projects

  • Link directly to proposals and other documents

  • View the latest sales pipeline at any time

  • Track and close off complaints and requests
    Provide access to useful ‘solutions’
    Identify common issues & improve quality

  • Run online & offline marketing campaigns
    Run events and track their effectiveness
    Deliver targeted email and SMS broadcasts

  • Prioritise, track and manage tasks
    Send out optional email / SMS alerts
    Automatically escalate tasks

  • Improve corporate governance
    Have full control over access and security
    Customise EzySuite to help meet your needs

  • Rapidly retrieve files and documents
    Manage versions and ‘lock’ final documents
    Control precisely ‘who can see what’

  • Turn data into action
    Benefit from easy to read graphs and charts
    Easily drill down in to the detail

  • Benefit from ‘IMAP’ enterprise email / WebMail
    Use with Computers / tablets / smartphones
    Easily associate emails with relevant contacts

How does EzySuite Enterprise do this? 


EzySuite is written in secure, reliable Enterprise Java.  EzySuite supports open standards, including Web Services and incorporates a full relational database, so it integrates well with a range of enterprise computing environments.  EzySuite Enterprise automatically indexes important data for rapid retrieval and patented software makes EzySuite much easier to use.

Ascom Integrated Wireless use EzySuite to maximise the performance of their sales, marketing and field service teams across Australia

Elite Logistics use EzySuite to help deliver wine reliably 'From vineyard
to glass'

Key features and benefits of EzySuite Enterprise

Industry versions of EzySuite Enterprise


The robust architecture of EzySuite is very well suited to managing not only B2B (Business to Business) relationships but also B2C (Business to Consumer) relationships. 


Many organisations are able to get their CRM implementations off to a fast start by leveraging one of the following industry versions of EzySuite Enterprise:


  • Banking and Insurance

  • Building and Construction

  • IT and Telecommunications

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Professional Services

  • Public Sector

  • Recruitment

  • Reselling

  • Retail

  • Utilities




EzySuite Enterprise delivers integrated XRM + Content Management + Business Intelligence + optional enterprise email at breakthrough pricing.  EzySuite enables users to profit from a single, real-time view of each contact.  EzySuite is surprisingly easy to use and can be accessed by authorised users from almost anywhere.  A comprehensive range of Professional Services are available from EzySuite and its Business Partners to help you get even more from your solution.

High functionality + low cost + rapid implementation = rapid return on investment


To discuss your requirements further or to arrange a demonstration, please contact EzySuite as outlined below.  EzySuite and its network of Business Partners hope to have the opportunity to help you grow your business with EzySuite Enterprise.

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