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EzySuite users can benefit from Artificial Intelligence in two, powerful ways:

Firstly, advanced AI functionality is being integrated in to the core sales, marketing and customer services applications of EzySuite.

Secondly, this advanced AI functionality is also being developed as a set of stand-alone applications with the branding 'EzyAI', so you don't even need to be a user of EzySuite Enterprise CRM, to take advantage of that functionality.

Key application areas of EzyAI include:

  • EzyRecommender (for AI-assisted sales and other recommendations)

  • EzyML (for a broad range of easy to use Machine Learning functionality)

  • EzyVoice (for flexible voice-based input, output and digital assistance)

  • EzyDatasets (for easy access to a broad range of high quality datasets for AI development and testing)

For further information please contact us by clicking here.


Benefit from Artificial Intelligence with EzyAI

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